1964 Ulcus duodeni / 84 Cholecystectomy

Since 14 days before admission tarry stools and epigastric pain without nausea, vomiting or inappetence. No weight gain.

Examination findings:
Anaemic patient with some dyspnoe. Tarry stools at finger stalls, othwise no remarkable internistic status.

Microcytic anemia: Hb 5 mg/dl / Hkt 17%, other laboratory unremarkable

EGD: There is a 35mm big smooth spherical submucosal tumor at the posterior transition from the corpus to the antrum. On the tumor is a deep, smooth, definable ulcus with a diameter of 15mm. Currently no bleeding. Initial rinsed off coagel on the ulcus. Some hematin in the stomach

Sonography: The transition from the corpus to the antrum shows a definable 5cm big tumor, which respects the stomach wall.

There is an encapsulated tumor, which can be totally removed through a Stomach-B I-resection.

Operation-Histology: 5,3 cm big GIST with tumour-free resection lines and 3 tumou-free LK. Proliferation marker MIB-1 in 10% relevant to "uncertain malignant potential" GIST according to WHO.