Pictorial atlas of gastroenterological endoscopy

Internal medicine Albertinen-Hospital Hamburg

Our atlas of endoscopy contains more than 1000 endoscopic pictures and >250 endoscopic videos. It should show systematically "the beginner" typical findings quite plainly and should demonstrate "experienced" observer rarer findings and outcomes.                                                                                 

We are pleased when our endoscopy images can also be used for teaching purposes!

In the version 4.0, we have created a new responsive design to use the atlas on the desktop computer and as well on a tablet or smartphone.

In the version 4.1, we present the atlas in English, too.

By clicking on the pictures, they are shown bigger in the slide mode. 

More than 1000 ultrasonic test resluts can be found in our Sonography-atlas and >200 endosonographic pictures and >50 endosonographic videos in our Endosonography-atlas.

Some of our pictures and videos have been incorporated into the Herold MulteBook project, which has turned the Herold into a multimedia eBook for the iPad.

The endoscopy team is looking forward to your suggestions and critics:
Prof. Dr. G. Lock, M. Oelckers, A. Reinhardt, Dr. C. Schmidt, Sr. Gabriela Kübel and employees

For any questions please send us an email or post to:

Michael Oelckers
Klinik für Innere Medizin
Süntelstrasse 11a
22457 Hamburg


For further information about our department, please visit our website: www.Albertinen.de

Last update: Aug. 4th 2017                                                                                         Version 4.1. - April 2016